Vadim Terentiev — Analyst 2021/04/16 10:04
Are the economies of markets on the verge of a turning point?
Journalists often use the letter K to describe the ongoing macroeconomic recovery.
Dmitry Simakov — Analyst 2021/04/16 10:04
Bitcoin, XRP, Binance crossed new heights
The reference coin was able to break the $ 60k mark.
Alexander Ptitsyn — Analyst 2021/04/16 10:04
The growth of the ruble began after a call from Washington
At the end of the working day on Tuesday, there was a sharp rise in the ruble.
Igor Sievers — Analyst 2021/04/09 02:04
Are the markets going to turn around? The yen and the euro are rising
The American has faced global pressure in recent times.
Ekaterina Cheredilova — Analyst 2021/04/09 02:04
Bitcoin began to slip, but buyers came to its rescue
The work week saw a slight decline for the benchmark coin.
Eduard Tikhonov — Analyst 2021/04/09 02:04
Markets growth may be disrupted by global minimum corporate tax rate
The topic of establishing a minimum tax rate on corporate income is one of the most urgent and rapid
Dmitry Tolokonnikov — Analyst 2021/04/02 02:04
The euro has a new history
Among investors, there are always those who are in a hurry to acquire assets first, as well as those
Evgeny Smirnov — Analyst 2021/04/02 02:04
Trading volumes on the crypto market are falling, while the price of bitcoin is growing
Bitcoin was able to hold the threshold level of $ 50K, so the reference coin was able to grow to $ 5
Yuri Solodovnikov — Analyst 2021/04/02 02:04
Oil sale stopped by the blocked Suez Canal
Monday morning began with a drop in oil by almost 2%.
Alexander Timofeev — Analyst 2021/03/26 02:03
Support is increasingly needed by the crypto market
The week for the crypto market can be quite stressful and stressful.
Olga Schukina — Analyst 2021/03/26 02:03
Oil shows an upward trend
Due to the blockage of the Suez Canal by a tanker, oil received significant support.
Anna Kovalenko — Analyst 2021/03/26 02:03
Coronavirus Bottom Anniversary Gets Markets Worried
Approaching the anniversary of the "bottom" led to the growth of shares in the global markets.
Svetlana Fedorova — Analyst 2021/03/20 02:03
Will the dollar turn around? The Fed's actions are interesting
Retail sales statistics released on Tuesday turned out to be rather weak.
Vadim Terentiev — Analyst 2021/03/20 01:03
No more symbols for the oil rally yet
The oil rally, which began in early November, is now clearly draining the market.
Dmitry Simakov — Analyst 2021/03/20 01:03
The benefits of Fed optimism are doubted
Expectations of an imminent tightening of policy were denied by the Fed.
Alexander Ptitsyn — Analyst 2021/03/12 09:03
Is it the beginning of growth or just a small correction on the way down?
The 180 degree turn marked the dynamics of the markets.
Igor Sievers — Analyst 2021/03/12 09:03
America does not stop writing out support packages, so the dollar may lose
Investors are wary of support packages that are issued almost non-stop in the US.
Ekaterina Cheredilova — Analyst 2021/03/12 09:03
Strong demand for bitcoin helps it reach new heights
Bears and bulls continue to play tug of war.
Eduard Tikhonov — Analyst 2021/03/07 12:03
After the correction, bitcoin began to rise in price
Crypto bears have become increasingly visible in the market.
Dmitry Tolokonnikov — Analyst 2021/03/07 12:03
Fed cannot save Nasdaq from collapse as it is not risk-off
Pressure on America's tech companies remained the dominant trend on Wednesday evening.