Altcoins overshadow Bitcoin despite all its intentions

The last week was marked by a high growth in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. The amount increased by $ 82 billion and reached $ 545 billion. This is due to the fact that the value of cryptocurrencies does not stop growing. In addition, the number of buyers on the crypto market has sharply increased. Interest in altcoins has sharply increased against the background of a decrease in interest in the reference cryptocurrency.

If we talk more specifically about bitcoin, then we can fix today its high value, which can be called historical. This explains a lot why there is a growing interest in alternative cryptocurrencies, a peak in value that has not yet arrived. Now is the time to buy them, since the prospect seems very welcome.

The XRP token, unexpectedly for experts, has become the brightest among all altcoins. The 70% surge over the past week just couldn't go unnoticed by investors. Over the past years, many experts have been talking about the oversoldness of this cryptocurrency, which has clearly played into its hands lately. Now it is quite far from its own historical level, so the purchase for many seems to be quite promising. Waves has become another altcoin, the behavior of which has made this coin pay close attention recently.

Evgeny Smirnov Analyst

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