The dollar is still fighting against the euro, but the former power is not yet seen

Tuesday was marked by the growth of world markets. Reports on business activity in America and elsewhere were stronger than predicted. Against this background, shares of large companies rose in price. The overall situation helped the dollar to stop falling and strengthen against the euro and not only.

The attack of bears in the EURUSD pair, as it was for the last three months, turned out to be quite decisive again against the background of the strengthening of the American. However, the dollar grew for a short time, as the reason for it was rather strong data, and not the desire for major players to flee into defensive assets. Risk assets of various types are of interest again.

If the EURUSD pair rolled back on Monday, then by the evening of Tuesday it was able to win back half of its fall. Investors' interest in risk often goes to the detriment of the dollar. Therefore, the American retreats in pairs with all major currencies.

An interesting movement was demonstrated by gold, which managed to get out of the trading range that has limited it recently. If we talk about oil, then its price showed the maximums in March. Accordingly, the assets of energy and resource companies soared in value.

Dmitry Tolokonnikov Analyst

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