Amid rising currencies and oil, shares are expected to rise

Record highs of world markets were shown on Wednesday. This happened against the backdrop of stabilization and positive movement of American indices. This state of affairs speaks, on the one hand, of the stabilization of the situation, and on the other, of the likelihood of rollbacks and changes in directions.

Now only one fact matters: the willingness of the markets to move to a new level. Now there are many reasons to predict the continuation of the movement towards growth. Indices in Russia rose by 1% in just one day. This indicates that they were able to overcome the resistance with which they fought several previous days.

However, the growth of markets has not yet influenced the Russian national currency. There is a significant growth trend in oil prices, but this does not help the ruble properly. Black gold has shown levels exceeding the August highs. This clearly indicates that the coronavirus crisis has ceased to affect quotes. New lockdowns will no longer be able to have a strong impact on the energy market.

The markets began to recover optimism, which led to a decline in investor interest in gold as one of the defensive assets. However, the demand for raw materials is growing, so such a drop will be short-lived, according to many experts' forecasts.

Eduard Tikhonov Analyst

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