Thin ice welcomes the markets

Record frosts and significant snowfalls in America and Europe did not affect investor sentiment, which is still optimistic. Asian indices and European stock futures continue to rise in value. Nikkei225 is an index that demonstrates 31-year highs. It is now at the level above 30,000. However, it should be noted that volumes are constantly decreasing, which is important. It is difficult to say whether the Lunar New Year celebration has an impact or whether the reason is consumer uncertainty. Now the growth sales strategy is the most profitable.

In Australia and New Zealand, currencies were able to almost recover in value. If we talk about the pound sterling, then it is showing multi-year highs. USDJPY slipped slightly last week, despite attempts to move above the 200-day moving average.

EURUSD met resistance at 1.215. This was due to a slowdown in economic growth. Business sentiment indices went down, which demonstrates the expectation of a new recession due to the winter pandemic and the lockdowns that it caused.

Optimism for the markets is given by the success in the vaccination program, which is shown by Britain and America, so the demand for the dollar and pound does not stop growing.

Vadim Terentiev Analyst

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