Bitcoin Gets To $ 50K, Altcoins Soar

The weekend showed that the benchmark coin is heading close to the $ 50k mark. This impressive growth has also been seen in altcoins. The total capitalization of the crypto market has also increased. Now there is a slight decrease in the value of bitcoin, by about 2%. If we talk about the week as a whole, the cryptocurrency showed significant growth, adding 21.5%.

After Musk spoke about Twitter's interest in cryptocurrency, it is worth arguing that legal loyalty to the reference coin is emerging. One cannot be sure that regulators will not change their minds, but so far the most favorable conditions for corporate investments in bitcoin are emerging.

The dominance index is approximately 61%. We can say that this mark is to some extent a point of balance. For all the largest digital coins, the greed and fear index has decreased over the past 24 hours. The indicator indicates overbought. Therefore, now there is a high probability of the start of sales. In contrast to this factor, there is the American incentive policy, because of which investors are seeking to buy all possible assets, including cryptocurrencies.

Anna Kovalenko Analyst

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