FOMO threatens Bitcoin

The feeling of excitement and FOMO again becomes close to Bitcoin. The number of sellers is decreasing, despite the rise in the value of the cryptocurrency. The most cautious sellers left the game at the $ 20- $ 30K level. When the coin rallied, the optimists took profit. Psychological and technical levels were overcome, so most investors decided to wait. It is not yet clear how the bears will behave, since they have so far taken a waiting position.

MicroStrategy's decision to raise another $ 900 million was another decisive factor that pushed the market. So far, only Tesla is confidently replenishing its balance, so you can think that others will soon show the same interest. Institutional investment continues to evolve. For the benchmark coin, the statement of the head of the Federal Reserve is positive, who said that bitcoin is becoming a competitor for the dollar and gold.

Now all even pessimistic investors have changed their minds to sell the reference coin. Everyone is waiting for an upward movement and is ready to waste time. Now it will be interesting, investors will also play against the market. The Greed Index is winning so far, but the situation may change radically.

Olga Schukina Analyst

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