Can I attract non direct clients that will sign up customers or partners? If so, how to monitor the statistics of their work?
Yes, our three-level affiliate program is meant for that. You can track statistics of their work in your Partner Room in the section "Statistics", "Associated clients" where you will see a list of the all attracted customers and partners. An example: 1. You sign up a client. They buy two lots of EUR/USD at minus 30 pips and sell three lots of GBP/USD at plus 40 pips. You get $20 for the first forex order and $45.00 for the second - for a total of $65.00. 2. You sign up a partner. They sign up a client who makes the same trades. You get $21.67. 3. Your partner signs up a partner. That partner signs up a client who makes the same trades. You get $7.22.
Can I use the MetaTrader 4 terminal without being a your client?
No, but you can open a demo account and try our service without real money investment.
What time is displayed in MT4?
While trading on our servers in MT4 you will see Central European Time (CMT) or GMT +1.
Can I use a trading terminal from different computers?
You can use the terminal on any computer where it is installed.
Why terminal does not connect with the server?
There can be several reasons: 1. Bad connection from the client side; 2. Bad connection from the server side; 3. Port 443 is not open on client side (firewall blocks connection).
What are the MetaTrader 4 terminal system requirements?
Recommended: 64 MB RAM, 600 MHz, any processor (Celeron, Pentium III), modem 56k. Minimum screen resolution 800 х 600, recommended - 1024 х 768. Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. System configuration with the not recommended hardware may experience crashes when using the terminal.
What does mean the message "Trade context busy" in MT4?
MT4 trading terminal can display the message "Trade context busy" when order execution was unsuccessful, e.g. in the case where due to bad internet connection with the trading server second order was sent to the client before the first order was executed. The second order in this case is put in queue and during this time the terminal displays a message "Trade context busy" at any attempt to make another order.
What means message "Trade disabled" in MT4 terminal when trying to modify or open order?
The reasons may be as follows: 1. This message is typical for a situation where trading session for this currency pair is already ended, or has not yet begun. 2. Message is also displayed in violation of limits on the amount of simultaneously open positions or pending orders. 3. It is possible that you are using investors password in MT4 terminal that does not allow to open, close or modify orders.
What means message in MT4 terminal "Invalid Account"?
The message "Invalid Account" may appear because of the following reasons: 1. Incorrect login. Your username is the account number in the Company, which contains only digits. Real account number contains seven digits. Demo account consists of 9 digits. 2. Incorrect password. The password is set by the Client when opening an account. The password must be at least 5 characters long and contain numbers and letters. Password to the terminal can be restored via our customer support center. 3. Incorrect server IP-address for authorization. In this case, you must download the latest version of the terminal from our website. 4. This account does not exist. Either your account has been placed in the archive.
Charts in MT4 terminal are shown incorrectly (I see spikes), how to fix it?
1. Close the terminal. 2. Go to the folder where you installed terminal on your hard drive C: / Program Files / MetaTrader E-Global TFG / History / EGlobal-Real /, or in any other sub-folder where you installed the program. For the Demo account sub-folder will be named EGlobal-Demo. 3. Delete instrument file on which charts are shown incorrectly *.hst. E.g. for instrument GBPUSD 1H chart file name will be gbpusd60.hst. 4. Open the terminal. Charts will be download from our server.
I made a referral link. Will it track visits and registrations when user comes via this referral link?
Yes, our partner program tracks all visits and registrations if user clicks on your referral link containing affid. You will get also emails notification when a new forex clients register.
How to become your partner?
You can create a partner account anytime. Partner registration is available via our website under Partner section.
I signed up for an affiliate program, where to get the banners?
Advertising materials (links, banners, widgets) you can find in your Partner Room section Ads, banners, widgets.
My client opened an account in euros. Why commission for my client I received in my dollar account?
Calculated commission for all your clients, regardless of their account types, is transferred ​​on your affiliate account. Conversion is calculated by internal rates of the Company. Internal rates of the company can be found in your Partner Room under sections "Internal rate".
When the commission is paid?
Commission is calculated and paid in real time when your client closes orders.
I've multiple websites. Can I use same refferal link or I need to open new partner account?
You can use the promotional materials in all your project without opening a new partner account.
I would like to put on my site a quote widget. Is it possible and how?
To use our quote widget you need to send a request to
Can I become your partner if I don't have website?
Yes, you can become a partner. Direct client registration can be made via your Partner Room section "Register a client".
How do I open a order?
To open an order you need to right-click on chosen instrument chart. When right-click menu appears you need to choose "Trading" and then "New order". After that pop-up window will appear where you need to enter the amount. Last step is to click "Buy" or "Sell" buttons depending on your intention.
How is profit for FOREX market operations calculated?
Assuming you entered to buy USD/JPY for 2.0 lots on FOREX at 117.89. You closed at 118.40. What is your profit? By opening the transaction, you bought 200,000 USD and sold 117.89 * 200,000 = 23,578,000 JPY. By closing the transaction, you sold 200,000 USD and bought 118.40 * 200,000 = 23,680,000 JPY. The dollars cancel each other out and the yen surplus equals +102,000 JPY, which according to the transaction closing rate is +861.49 USD. This is your profit.
What's the minimum investment?
There are no minimum capital requirements at Solver Trade - all traders are welcome! Since Solver Trade offers cent accounts as well - it's possible to start live trading even with 2-3 USD.
How many orders do I have to open monthly?
It's up to you - open as many as your trading strategy requires!
How are positions on the FOREX market transferred to the next day?
Transferring of positions to the next day on the FOREX market takes place in the shape of market swaps, which may be either positive or negative depending on the interest rates and swap point sizes with the broker’s counterpart. Let’s assume the European rate is 4.25% and the American rate is 3.5%. If you have an open position to sell 1.0 EUR/USD lots, you need to sell 100,000 EUR. Therefore, you must lease them at 4.25% per year. By selling euros, we buy dollars, which we deposit at 3.5% per year. Thus, your expenses for the transaction will be (4.25-3.5) % per year, or, at the EUR/USD rate of 0.9000, 675 dollars per year, which equals 1.85 dollars per year. Thus, an open position to sell 1 EUR/USD lot on FOREX will deduct 1.85 dollars per day. If you stand to buy, similarly, $ 1.85 will be deposited to your account each day. In reality, the deduction is slightly larger and the deposit slightly lower than $ 1.85. This small difference is for the broker’s effort of transferring your position to the next day. The amount deducted/deposited for transferring a position is called storage. Storage for transferring a position from Wednesday to Thursday is tripled.
What taxes apply to my income from FOREX market operations?
For physical persons, income from working on the FOREX market is subject to income tax for physical persons. Our company is not a tax agent and does not withhold tax. Customers pay their taxes personally.
How much can I earn in Forex trading?
Potential profits depend on one's trading skills and risk management techniques and cannot be guaranteed in advance.
How risky are trading operations?
Operations on the FOREX market, just like operations on any other financial market, are defined by two criteria: income risk, i.e. the higher the risk (in this case, the leverage), the higher the income that the investor expects to gain. Reducing the potential risk is possible not only by regulating the size of the leverage but also by setting defensive stop-loss orders.
Why cannot I trade on weekend?
All markets worldwide are closed on Saturday and Sunday.
What is a lot?
A lot is a transaction unit on the market.
How can I deposit funds?
All available deposit methods are listed on the deposit funds page. Simply choose the payment method which suits best your needs. Don't forget to see withdrawal and deposit conditions page for more detailed information, like deposit limit per transaction, fees and processing time.
How do I withdraw funds?
It's very simple - log in to Trader Room, click "Withdraw funds", enter amount that doesn't exceed your balance available. All withdrawals are processed within 48 hours.
What is stop loss?
A stop order tied to an open position. StopLoss closes a position upon reaching expected loss in order to protect a deposit from continued loss.
What is take profit?
A limit order tied to an open position. Take Profit closes a position upon reaching an expected profit value.
Why was my order closed?
A broker is entitled to close all or part of losing positions at the current price if your equity (balance + income for open positions + loss on open positions) dips below the margin call level. Margin call level for each account type can differ. Please see trading account conditions page.
What is order level?
The price shown on the order.
What is free margin?
The funds on a trading account that may be used to open new positions.
What is your profit?
Our profit comes from market-making principles of FOREX brokers: this is forming a customer base with offsetting orders and making a profit using a system of hedging a multi-position with external counterparts, which is privileged information that is somewhat unique for each broker on the FOREX market. The customer market depth multi-position of a market maker is linked to the counterpart (the market), usually at a more lucrative price – according to statistics. The dealer is interested in the difference between the customer price and the more lucrative price of the counterpart, which makes up their compensation. Our company also allows to tie the positions of specific customers to the counterpart automatically.
How do I calculate a swap?
Open positions on FOREX are transferred to the next day by way of swaps, which may be either positive or negative, depending on the difference between the interest rates of the countries whose currencies are being traded. Swap calculation example: If we take a trading operation for the EURUSD currencies, the interest rates of Europe and America must be calculated. Assume it equals 4.25% in Europe and 3.5% in America. By opening a sell position for 1 lot, you must sell 100,000 euros by lending them at 4.25%, and deposit the dollars bought for them on an account at 3.5%. The interest rate of the country whose currency you sold is higher than the one you bought, meaning the swap will be deducted from the trading account. In the reverse case, it will be deposited to the account. A swap includes the broker’s commission for transferring your position to the next day. Thus, a swap equals the difference between interest rates plus the broker’s commission: 4.25% -3.5% +0.25%=1% Calculating a swap for selling EUR: Swap = (Contract size * (Difference between interest rates * Broker’s commission for transferring the position) / 100) * Current price / number of days in a year. (100 000 *(-0.75%-0.25%)/100)*1.45/365= -3.97 USD. Calculating a swap for buying EUR: Swap = (Contract size * (Difference between interest rates * Broker’s commission for transferring the position) / 100) * Current price / number of days in a year. (100 000 *(0.75%-0.25%)/100)*1.45/365=1.98 USD. If the difference between interest rates does not exceed the broker’s commission, the swap is deducted from the transaction account for both Buy and Sell positions. The detailed swap point table is available on our website, Trading conditions page. The Contract Specifications table shows swaps in points, so to calculate its size you need to multiply the value indicated by the price of one point.
When buying 10 lots of EURUSD with a leverage of 1:100, the price of one point equals 100. Why does the price of one point for buying 10 lots of EURUSD with a leverage of 1:200 still equal 100 rather than 200?
The leverage set upon registration of the account affects the mortgage, not the price of a point, which is the same when buying the same number of lots at different leverages, i.e. the cost of a point depends directly on the amount you buy or sell. The leverage is needed more to reduce the mortgage amount – the greater the leverage, the lower the mortgage, i.e. the more lots you can open.
When do funds transferred by customers become available? What guarantees can the Company give and what liability does it carry?
The funds are deposited to the accounts of counterparts with whom the Company makes the customers’ transactions. Counterparts are larger brokers (primary brokers), mostly Western companies, whose accounts operate with considerable amounts – usually multi-positions for most of their customers, or the positions of major standalone customers. Essentially, our Company is a mediator between the customer and the counterpart, therefore the relationships in this scheme are often based on trust, i.e. the customer trusts the Company to transfer their funds directly to the market. To verify service quality, speed of execution and stability of fulfilling balance operations, a customer may begin working with a small amount and obtain information from loyal customers and employees of the Company via LiveHelp and on the Company’s forum, asking any questions they are concerned about and receiving answers to them, reading feedback.
How are my funds protected from theft in the Trader Room?
4 levels of security are used for withdrawing funds from the Trader Room: 1. Authorisation with the Trader Room using your login and password; 2. Use of the MT4 account password, indicating it upon registering a withdrawal request; 3. Access to the electronic inbox indicated upon registering the account in order to receive a secret code necessary for registering the withdrawal request; and 4. 30 day activation period for newly added withdrawal options.